Joel Abt

Joel Abt


Joel Abt

Conference Time: 2:45-3:30 pm


Teaching Certificate


I was born in Temple, and raised next door to Keene, in Cleburne.  I played football, track, cross country, and swimming while in high school.  I took a trip up north for college and graduated from Montana State University with a Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences.  My wife is an elementary music teacher in the Hillsboro ISD.  I plan to bring my experiences working in fields as varied as banking, oilfield, electrical, and sales to the classroom in a way that shows students the variety of options they have in life.

I bring a huge level of excitement to the classroom.  History is a passion of mine and has been for many years.  I was inspired by a teacher named Mr. Sewell in high school.  He taught me that someone may not fit into the “normal student” box, can still be successful and have options in life.  I hope some of my enthusiasm rubs off on a few of my students, who will continue with a lifelong passion for learning. 

I am highly qualified by the state of Texas to teach in the following areas:

  • Life Science 7-12 
  • Social Studies 7-12
  • Generalist 4-8
  • ESL K-12

If you have any questions regarding my class or your particular student, please contact me during my office hours 2:45-3:30pm daily or after school from 3:40-4:00pm in room A129.  If you need to speak with me outside of those times, please email me at to schedule an appointment.


  • Bring necessary materials to class.
  • Do not chew gum or bring it to school.
  • It is OK(even encouraged) to make mistakes while you are learning.
  • Obey all the handbook rules.
  • Be polite—always—to everyone.
  • Keep trying even if the work is very hard.
  • Be prompt, accurate, and neat. 


  • Praise / appreciation
  • Individual award
  • Class group / team reward


  • Warning
  • After class warning and discussion
  • Office referral
  • Severe offense / immediate removal to office


  • I do not assign homework every day. However, there will be homework periodically.  Homework is due the day after it is assigned unless otherwise specified.  If a student does not complete his/her classroom work, he/she is usually allowed to take it home or stay after school to finish. It will be due at the beginning of class the next school day. If I give an assignment that is due within the class time period, the student, may not finish it at home. He/she will be graded on what is finished in class.Late homework is accepted as explained in the student handbook.
  • I do give assigned readings to be completed at home.  I expect all students to complete the assigned reading before the beginning of class the next school day.  There will be random quizzes on the reading that have not yet been covered in class.  Any student who is having difficulty comprehending or completing the assigned reading is welcome to come to tutoring described in the next section.
  • If a student has an excused absence, he/she may make up the work within the time period described in the student handbook.


  • Tutoring is offered each afternoon Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday until 4:20 or later if a student needs extra assistance. 
  • If a student is struggling, failing a social studies class, or is assigned tutoring, tutoring is required.