Jarrett Morgan


Jarrett Morgan

Teaching Certificate


My name is Jarrett Morgan and I have the pleasure of teaching Junior and Senior English! I have always loved Literature and the places books have taken me. I enjoy exploring how peoples writing gives us insight into their era, culture and unique viewpoint. In my classes we will step back in time and discover where writing began and then follow the timeline to today and see how each literary step helped shape how we think and interact with each other today.

In my Junior classes, we will explore the American Literary tradition and practice responding to these works through carefully organized research writing. We will journey along with Mark Twain, Willa Cather and F. Scott Fitzgerald to name a few. There will also be special emphasis on preparation for the SAT and the college application process.

Seniors, In British Literature, will be traveling all the way back to when people started writing down the stories they were passing around the campfire. This trip takes us from myths and legends and songs all the way to the first plays, novels and ebooks! In the writing portion of the class we will be doing career research and resume writing. In addition, we will practice interview and public speaking skills.