Luly Wicklund

Luly Wicklund


Luly Wicklund

Teaching Certificate


Hello.   My name is Luly Wicklund.   I’m one of the teachers in the ACE program.  If you are a student joining us soon, let me welcome you ahead of time.  You have been given a great opportunity to complete your studies with us.  Don’t kid yourself, it will not be easy.  It is hard work, but you will find teachers who will go the extra-extra mile with you in order for you to succeed.  Our classes are small so we can spend more time with you.
I teach math, history, computer classes, and the sciences.   If you want to know a little about me – I have a good sense of humor, like sports, art and music, and I’m stubborn; I don’t give up — I assure you, I will work with you until you understand a subject.   All I ask is your willingness to put in the time and effort to do the same. 
Below, you will find some links which are helpful in the fields I teach, pictures files (I like photography), and sites with puzzles and riddles (I like those, too).  Hope you enjoy them, and see you next year!