Welcome to Keene Alternative Learning Center


About Alternative Learning Center (ALC)

Welcome to the Keene ISD Alternative Learning Center. The Learning Center exists to provide a safe environment of learning for students who have not been successful in a traditional school setting.  Student success requires parent and community involvement, dedicated teachers, and students who want to learn.  Our goal is to prepare students for the future and/or assist them in a successful transition to an appropriate instructional program.   

Keene Alternative Learning Center serves students in two programs. 

  •                 ABLE             Disciplinary Alternative Education Program(DAEP)
  •                 ACE               Alternative Cooperative Education

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 656
Keene, Texas 76059

Physical Address:
3625 Highway 67 E. 
Keene, Texas 76059

Phone: 817-774-5370
Fax:      817-774-5405