Bad Weather

In the event of bad weather, a decision will be made concerning the closing of schools.  Safety for our students and our staff is of upmost importance.  A decision will be made as soon as possible.  The decision will be broadcast on TV and radio.  KXAS TV Channel 5 will be notified.  WBAP 820 AM will also be notified. 

There are three decisions that can be made if bad weather occurs.

1. Keene ISD will remain open

2. Keene ISD will open for late arrival or close and have an early dismissal.

3. Keene ISD will close for the day.

REMEMBER—Check with the TV and radio stations for closings and late arrival times.  You will also be notified by our School Reach Program.

Keene ISD Bullying Complaint Procedures 

  1. The campus administrator shall investigate all complaints of bullying and complete the district approved bully complaint / investigation report.
  2. The campus administrator shall contact the alleged victim’s parent/guardian within 3 business days after the incident is reported.
  3. The campus administrator shall contact the alleged bully’s parent/guardian upon completion of the investigation, even if it is determined not to be bullying.
  4. The bully complaint / investigation report should be completed within 10 district business days from the date of complaint; however, the campus administrator may take additional time if necessary in order to complete a thorough investigation.
  5. After the investigation, the campus administrator will document, in the bully complaint / investigation report, the final determination of bullying or not bullying, and take appropriate action, as defined in Policy FFI (Local).
  6. The campus administrator, after completing the approved district bully complaint / investigation report shall send a signed and dated copy to the Superintendent.

If bullying is found to have occurred, the campus administrator will follow up with the bully, victim and witnesses within 10 days after the report is completed.  The follow up is to check to see if anything else has occurred and if anything else needs to be done. 

Bullying Report Form


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