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Important Information From the Nurse’s Office:

End of Year Medication Notice

Dear Parent:

Thank you for sending your child to Keene ISD for the 2017-18 school year.

Please remember to stop by your campus nurse’s office to pick up your student’s medications/ rescue inhaler/ Epipen/ or medical supplies by May 31. After this date, the nurse is required to dispose of unused medications.

Please visit our school’s website ( to download required medication and treatment forms to be filled in by you and your child’s doctor prior to the start of school on August 16,2018. Your child’s doctor must provide written authorization for medications/ treatments/ procedures/ and special dietary requests to be provided at school.

Your assistance makes it possible for our nurses to give great care to your student. If you have any questions please call your campus nurse for details.

Have a great summer!

Kathy Coker, RN Belinda Chacon, LVN
817-774-5327 817-774-5304
Keene Elementary Keene JH/HS

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