Keene ISD provides transportation for the following activities:

    1. Field trips
    2. Extracurricular events - Academic and Athletic
    3. Professional Development

    The procedure for obtaining transportation is:

    1. Check the transportation calendar for availability on the date of your event
    2. Complete a transportation request
    3. Have the request signed by your building principal or immediate supervisor
    4. Forward the completed form to the transportation office
    5. The request will be processed and you will receive a confirmation notice

    Note: If students are being transported, a bus will be used. The other vehicles are for staff use only.

    Transportation Request Form

    Transportation Schedule

    The Bus/Yukon schedule is now being put on the calendar. By placing your cursor directly on the event in the calendar (without clicking) you can view the entire information. Please check this schedule to see when the buses and/or other vehicles are available for use.

    Transportation Website