Duane York
    My name is Duane York and I teach Math at Wanda R. Smith High School.  I count it as a privelege to have taught at Keene ISD for the past 32 years.  That's right, this is year #33 of being a Keene Charger.  I graduated in 1981 from SWAU in Keene with a B.S. degree in Elementary Education.  I am also certified to teach High School Math.  Below, I have some info that might help your child be successful in their math class this year.  Let's take a look... 
    Classroom Expectations and Procedures
    1. Be on time to class.  No more than 3 tardies per 6 weeks.
    2. Bathroom passes are limited to 3 per 6 weeks.  Use them wisely!
    3. Be courteous and respect the rights of others. 
    4. Bring pencil, paper, binder, textbook, and homework to class each day.
    5. Be prepared to work!  Set your expectations high.
    6. Do not disrupt the learning process.  Examples: Sharpen pencils before class and wait until class is over to throw trash away.  Talking to your neighbor while instruction is being given.
    7. Ask questions if you are not understanding the lesson.  The only "dumb" question is the one not asked.
    8. Come to tutoring if needed.  It's FREE!
          (7:30 - 8:00 AM or 3:30 - 4:30 PM)
    9. Laugh at Mr. York's jokes once in awhile.  It makes him think that you are listening.
    Grading Procedures
    • Daily Work          50%         (Homework and Quizzes)
    • Tests                   50%         (One retake per 6 weeks)
    • Late Work:  No late work will be accepted unless a student attends after school tutoring that day to finish the assignment.
    • Excused Absence:  Full credit for missed assignments.
    • Unexcused Absence:  Top grade of 70 for missing assignments.
    To Parents/Guardians:
    Please feel free to call me anytime to set up a phone or person to person conference to discuss your child's progress.  My conference times are from 7:30 -8:00 AM, 10:00 - 10:50, or 3:15-4:30 PM.  I am looking forward to having your child in my class and hope that with us working together, they will expand their knowledge, be challenged, and be successful in their academic endeavors.
    Mr. York
         I have read and understand the above information pertaining to Mr. York's classes.  I know that if I have any questions or concerns that I can contact him by either phone or email.
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