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Keene ISD Police Department


It is the mission of the Keene ISD Police Department to provide a safe learning environment where the safety of students, faculty, support staff, and property is protected within carefully prescribed policy, ethical, statutory, and constitutional restrictions. Every Child, Every Need, Every Day.  


The values of the Keene ISD Police Department provide substance to those attitudes and beliefs that we adhere to as fundamental to policing.  They are as follows:

To Protect 

We believe we have an obligation to the District, students, faculty and support staff working within Keene ISD to protect life and property whenever and wherever either is threatened.

To Serve   

We will strive to support a quality learning environment through the provision of superior and equitable services.  We recognize that quality service goes beyond law enforcement and involves those legitimate service activities deemed important by the District and community.  We understand that a reputation for quality service is built one community interaction at a time and we will endeavor to ensure each interaction adds to our reputation as a service organization.

To Model Integrity 

We recognize that authority has been entrusted to us for the common good and believe that police officers must be people of integrity if we are to responsibly handle that authority.  We define integrity as that quality which requires us to carefully evaluate each situation, make a valid legal, moral, and ethical decision based upon the circumstances of that situation, and carry out the action required by that decision even when it is not convenient or popular to do so.  We believe that people of integrity act in the described manner even when failure to do so would go unnoticed.  We believe that police officers with integrity adhere to this philosophy in their private lives as well.

To Demonstrate Professionalism 

We realize the general public has certain expectations regarding the manner in which police officers conduct themselves.  Our demeanor when handling various situations, an attitude of impartiality, and the level of responsibility we exhibit when exercising authority are illustrations of the areas in which the public holds expectations.  In the aggregate, the expectations the public has of us and our ability to meet those expectations, defines our level of professionalism.  We believe that we have a responsibility to act professionally in all of our encounters with the public and with each other as well.  We hold that professionalism extends beyond our regular tour of duty and is, in reality, a way of life.