Lice Policy

Students having these common symptoms:

  • Frequent itching/scratching of the head and neck
  • Pink/red marks on the scalp/ neck
  • Yellow/ white/ brown nits (egg sacks) attached to hair
  • White/ gray/brown bugs in hair  

will be sent to the campus clinic or office for a head check.

If live bugs are present:

  • Parents/ guardians will be notified for student to be taken home for treatment.  Instructions for eliminating lice and preventing re-infestation will be sent home.
  • Siblings will be called to the clinic or office for head check
  • A general information letter will be sent home to notify parents of classmates in compliance with State Law:

          Lice Letter

During the 2017 Legislative Session, Senate Bill 1566 passed into law and states the following: “The board of trustees of an independent school district shall adopt a policy requiring a school nurse of a public elementary school who determines or otherwise becomes aware that a child enrolled in the school has lice shall provide written or electronic notice of that fact to:

        (1)  the parent of the child with lice as soon as practicable but not later than 48 hours after the administrator or nurse, as applicable, determines or becomes aware of that fact; and

        (2)  the parent of each child assigned to the same classroom as the child with lice not later than the fifth school day after the date on which the administrator or nurse, as applicable, determines or becomes aware of that fact.” Additional information about confidentiality is included within the law.

Students who have been sent home with lice must be checked by the campus nurse/ office staff to verify treatment before being admitted to the classroom.