Welcome to ART CLASS!

    These are some fun things to expect this year in ART CLASS:
    The Smart with Fun Art curriculum encourages students to develop their artistic abilities, which include creative problem solving skills, focus, risk taking, and self discipline. Lessons in each unit vary by grade level to offer a learning approach that grows with the child over the school years.

    Each lesson offers learning opportunities in art history, use of a particular medium, and a chance to develop skills based on the elements & principles of design.

    In my class I encourage the creative process for each individual and each lessons offers ways for students to individually develop critical thinking skills.

    Lessons can easily correlate and integrate with grade level classroom studies/subjects. All grades will perform in Art Projects during year. 

    Please don't hesitate to call/email me with any questions or concerns.

    It will be a busy time!

    Thank you, 

    Mrs. T. Patterson