Mission Statement

    The Learning Center exists to provide a safe environment of learning for students who have not been successful in a traditional school setting.  Student success requires parent and community involvement, dedicated teachers and students who want to learn.  Our goal is to prepare students for the future and/or assist them in a successful transition to an appropriate instructional program.

    The ACE Program holds fast to the belief that it is our duty to guide each student to perform to his/her highest academic and social potential.  We are committed to providing a student-centered environment that accommodates individual differences and yields students who are capable of becoming effective communicators, logical problem solvers, independent workers and creative thinkers.  By modeling and practicing cooperative and mutual respect and appreciation of the students, staff and administration, we will accomplish the task of developing students who are capable of being, skilled, knowledgeable and responsible citizens of our society.

    Luly Wicklund

    Luly Wicklund
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