Welcome to Keene Wanda R. Smith High School's Special Education page.  Here at our high school, we strive to meet the needs of all diverse learners by using inclusion, co-teaching, and content mastery in our special education department.
    Inclusion Program
    In an inclusion classroom students with physical, mental and developmental disabilities are
    placed in a general education, age appropriate classroom. A certified special education teacher is placed in the classroom with a general education teacher.  Both teachers are in the classroom serving the student needs based on what is in his or her Individualized Education Program (IEP).
    Co-Teach Program
    Co-Teaching brings together two certified teachers that are able to use their skills to design a unique learning experiences to meet all learning styles.  According to Texas Education Agency (TEA), the co-teaching model is one way that allows the general and special educators to differentiate and deliver instruction with assurances that all students within the program have full access to the grade-level expectations of the general curriculum.
    Content Mastery Program
    Our content mastery room is a fully funded program that provides supplemental tutoring/support to assist general and special education students in completing grade level work. 

    Sally Yow

    Sally Yow

     Natasha Carubo